How long will my Solar PV Installation take?

Normally a 4kWp system on a single dwelling will take a full day. However, this can only be completed once the access scaffolding is up and all the paperwork has been completed. We install, complete site set-up, commission and provide training all on the same day and leave you with a full completion pack for your new system. Then sit back and enjoy the benefits of Solar PV.

What level of warranty does KER Solutions provide.

KER Solutions provides a comphrensive 2 year post installation parts and labour warranty on all equipment. However, we pass on all manufactorers warranties onto the customer for your peice of mind.

Does my PV System require cleaning and servicing?

PV Panels mounted below 20° don’t self clean when it rains, we advise a full clean of the panels every 5 years – this should be considered more frequency in coastal areas. Dirty PV panels decrease efficiency and reduces performance.

Inverters should last between 10-15 years - KER Solutions offers servicing and system checks, remote monitoring to ensure your system provides the optimum system efficiency. Additionally, we offer both servicing and cleaning O&M packages.

How does the electricity flow back to the grid?

The A.C supply from the solar PV inverter flows back into the grid via the electrical intake/metering and back onto the grid. We install to the latest Solar PV regulations and BS7671. We also advise your local DNO to ensure your system is registered.

What happens to my Solar PV system in a power cut?

For safety reasons the output of the Inverter is automatically switched off when it detects a power cut – it automatically restarts and synchronises to the grid when the electrical supply is stable.